First Licensed Year Transition Program

The First Licensed Year Transition (FLYT) Program focuses on role transition for the new nurse and is designed to provide experiences that develop graduate nurses into independent, confident, professional nurses. The program consists of blended learning experiences over the first year as a registered nurse.

The FLYT program includes hospital, nursing, and unit-based orientation, Transition to Practice classes, defined unit-based learning activities and central nursing education classes. Unit orientation is tailored to the specific learning needs on the graduate nurses’ unit of hire. Central Transition to Practice sessions focus on enhanced learning in the areas of clinical and critical communication, quality care, evidence-based practice, the mentor-protégé relationship, professional development, ethics, wellness, critical thinking and nursing skills.  Unit-based learning activities focus on time management, communication, critical thinking, ethical decision-making and interprofessional team collaboration. Throughout this first year, graduate nurses are asked to define goals to enhance the experience and satisfaction with their new career as a registered nurse.