Research & Innovation Fellowship

The Research & Innovation Fellowship is designed to support nursing research and innovation projects at the leadership and clinical nurse level to improve patient outcomes, quality care, patient satisfaction, nurse satisfaction or the work environment.

This fellowship builds on basic concepts through seminar discussion and structured learning followed by time with mentors to advance projects. Fellows develop a defined area of research interest and are encouraged to team with other staff nurses, a member of their unit management, or another nurse leader team member.

Fellowship sessions

Fellowship sessions includes:

  • Differentiating EBP, QI, and Research
  • Development of a researchable question (PICOT)
  • Conduct a literature search
  • Evaluate the level of evidence
  • Development of a research proposal
  • Submission to IRB
  • Data collection and data management
  • Data analysis
  • Disseminating research findings
  • Grant proposal writing
  • Writing seminar for abstract development and professional publication