Adult Electrophysiology Lab

The Electrophysiology (EP) Lab includes three procedure suites, located on the 2nd floor of the HVN Hospital. The EP Lab is dedicated to the diagnosis and intervention of cardiac electrical pathway problems for the inpatient and outpatient adult population. The hours of operation are 7am to 5:30 pm, with 24 hour emergency on-call services

Description of Patient Populations

EP procedures are performed on adult patients from all acuity levels. Patients arrive in the EP Lab from various locations. These include but are not limited to: home, hospital to hospital, emergency department, clinics, and inpatient nursing units.

Common diagnoses of patients receiving care in the EP Lab include rhythm and other electrical disturbances of the heart.

Nursing Care

Nursing care is focused on patient care, intra-procedure. Routine duties include, but are not limited to, medication administration, hemodynamic and respiratory management and administering and monitoring of moderate sedation under the direction of an attending physician.

Health Care Team

The Medical Director for the service is board-certified in his/her respective area. Procedural care is provided by an Attending Electrophysiologist and an Electrophysiology Fellow. The procedural team includes RNs, and EP Cardiovascular Technologists (CVTs). Multidisciplinary, comprehensive care of patients and families is provided by medicine, nursing, social work services, case management, pastoral care, food & nutritional services, pharmacy, rehab services, cardiopulmonary services, and other health care providers as indicated by the patient’s health status and identified needs.

Nursing management for the unit includes a Nurse Manager and Director of Cardiovascular Services. The EP Lab is under the umbrella of the Operations Division with nursing oversight from the CNO. Staff educational requirements are defined by the unit/role specific job descriptions and departmental educational plan.

Basic requirements for RN staff include current Florida RN licensure, current ACLS and BLS. Basic requirements for EP CVT staff include completion of an approved allied health program, current registration with Cardiovascular Credentialing International, current ACLS and BLS.

Staffing Plan

The EP lab procedural team includes a minimum of one RN and two EP CVTs. Patient care assignments are made by the Charge RN.

Staffing Decision Points

Requests for Paid Time off (PTO) will be reviewed on a case by case basis and will consider the staffing needs of the unit. Requests are granted only if minimum staffing numbers are maintained with coverage that does not incur overtime.

When assessing staffing at “break points” take into consideration the following: Planned admissions (H-H’s), skill level of staff, shift involved, acuity of pts, available resources

Review date: 1/5/2021

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